8 June 2022

Finding creative methods to amuse your dog might be more tiring than actually getting up and doing it. Keeping your dog engaged can be a struggle if you are concerned about your pet being bored and sluggish. We have your back! It may be challenging to engage your dog indoors, but this may be easily remedied in a number of ways. Keeping your dog active and interested is essential if you want to keep them healthy. 

Here are the 10 best indoor dog activities to keep your dog engaged 

Hidden Treats 

Hidden snacks are analogous to the game of hide and seek. Dog treats are concealed in different places. The game also helps it develop its pooching abilities as they search for food. Additionally, the dog’s ability to detect concealed rewards is improved. Stash the obvious food items, but make sure there’s something more in there that’s worth hunting for. It’s a fun way to keep your dog engaged in the game. 

Make sure you have a variety of snacks on hand to keep the scent interesting. In order to make locating the treat a challenge, you need to keep changing the hiding spots. 


Tug-of-war has been around for a long time. Two teams compete in a tug-of-war by pulling on opposing ends of a rope. Playing with your dog while indoors at home is a lot of fun. If you have more than one dog of the same breed, the pastime is much more enjoyable. However, if you have one dog, you may play the role of its adversary. 

Because it takes up so little room, tug of war is an excellent indoor game for dogs. It’s also worth noting that tug of war will not make your dog hostile. However, you must be careful to prevent any potential injury. 

An Obstacle Course 

A dog obstacle course is unquestionably the ideal indoor dog exercise if your space is a bit more extensive. In order to play this game, you will need a number of obstacles, which are generally already in your home.

Chairs, tables, and dog tunnels are among the most prevalent obstacles in this game. Your dog’s ability to leap, go under, and circle makes this indoor dog exercise so enjoyable. Celebrate the pet’s successes. 

A dog’s breed dictates the type and size of the obstacles. For example, if your dog is a Great Dane you will use large obstacle items. A Cavoodle, on the other hand, would be best suited for smaller obstacles. 

Shell Game 

Some canine activities need a large amount of room, which cannot be found in an enclosed environment. However, playing the shell game with your dog at home may be fun. 

You place a reward, in one of the multiple cups, usually two or three. Make sure the dog is keeping an eye on everything. Slowly reorganize the cups making sure your furbaby is watching. Finally, let the dog discover the cup with the goodie on his own. Every time your dog does it properly, reward them with cuddles. 

Playing Hide-And-Seek 

One of the most popular activities among youngsters is hiding and seeking. It’s likely that you’ve played it, too. Dogs can play hide and seek as well. The rules of this game are the apparent ones that the owner conceals, and the dog seeks. 

The game may greatly enhance your dog’s ability to detect scents. Moreover, strengthen your relationship with him or her. Make it difficult for the dog to locate you. Every time it finds you, compliment it to keep it motivated and make the game fun. 

Practice Obedience Skills 

Are you seeking a fun game to play with your dog as you teach him? Isn’t it time you honed your dog’s fundamental obedience abilities? Indoor dog exercises that don’t need specific equipment include practicing obedience skills. It may take some time, but it’s worth it in the long run. 

You may use simple instructions like heel, sit, stay, wait, high-five, and others to teach your dog basic obedience. However, you may be asking yourself, “How can I keep my dog entertained for hours on end with simple commands?” You may choose to reward the dog for every success he 

has, making it a game. For pet owners who live in small spaces, practicing obedience skills is one of the activities to keep your dog engaged.


You don’t have to be out in the sun to enjoy fetch. If playing outdoors is impractical, you may play this game inside as well. 

A long hallway is an ideal location for indoor fetch. Alternatively, you may choose a room where you can move furniture to create a secure zone for your dog to run about. 

Food Toying 

Keeping your dog active while working from home. Toys that dispense food are fun for dogs. While you’re at work, your pet may play with these stimulating toys. You have to put some dog treats in the toy that releases food and then walk away. A variety of dispensers demand that the dog either push or pull and there are others that roll too. Check which best suits your dog and environment. 

Use Pet Training Equipment 

Pets, like people, have their own set of training aids. According to their own personal tastes, owners may possess one. Scientists are beginning to recognize the critical role in a dog’s well-being. The sort and frequency of play that a dog engages in may help gauge that quality of life. 

Treadmills and agility tunnels are two popular pieces of pet training equipment. At first, your dog could be a little apprehensive. But they’ll become used to it and have a good time. However, equipment purchases may be pricey and take up a lot of room in a small space. 


They get into trouble when their boredom gets the better of them. As their primary form of amusement, they’ll come up with their own pastimes if we don’t offer them anything to do. 

Playing with your dog on a regular basis might help prevent destructive behaviors like excessive barking, seeking out anything to chew on, shoes, furniture or anything within reach. 

Staying indoors does not have to be boring. To keep you and your dog entertained and involved, there are a plethora of games you may do together. Indoor dog activities don’t have to cost a fortune, your time and effort will be rewarded.

Author Mia Tay