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What is the Pet Health Hotline?
The Pet Health Hotline is another line of defence in your pet’s wellbeing. Find out if you need to take your pet to the vet, ask specific questions or get general advice, any time day or night.
It doesn’t replace your local vet, but it does give you 24/7 access to expert advice and peace of mind for those times when a vet visit isn’t practical.
Registered vet nurses
Every person on the other end of the Pet Health Hotline is a trained, registered vet nurse, many of them with more than a decade of experience.
Fast call-response times
Typically, your call will be answered within just 30 seconds, so you can feel comfortable knowing help is on hand when you need it.
Unlimited access
There is no limit to how often you can use the hotline. Whether it’s health questions or general advice, answers are just a phone call (or live chat) away.
What can you use the hotline for?
The Pet Health Hotline is ideal for those times when you need advice, but your local vet is unavailable, or when you notice changes in your pet, but you’re not sure if you need to visit your vet.
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Health Advice
It can be very stressful when your pet falls ill, especially late at night. The Pet Health Hotline can guide you through health questions and let you know whether you need to take your pet to the vet or not.
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Behavioural questions
Not sure why your dog has stopped eating? Or why your cat has been behaving strangely? Don’t search online, chat with a registered vet nurse and get an educated, personalised answer instead.
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General Advice
Looking for some answers to your general pet care questions? No problems! Just call the Pet Health Hotline and run your questions by trained experts in their field.
How it Works
Pet Health Hotline Benefits
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Frequently Asked Questions

Wellness plans is a cost-effective way to maintain your pet’s health regime. Wellness plans primarily help you maintain a proactive, preventive care your vet recommends.  But there are many other benefits including convenience, budgeting and in some cases earlier disease detection.

A wellness plans is a cost-effective way to maintain your pet’s health regime. Not only do they spread the costs throughout the year to help with budgeting, they are also super convenient. 

Not all vets have wellness programs and of course, even those that offer them don’t all use Knose to help administer their plans.  If your vet offers a wellness plan, whether administered by Knose or not, fantastic.  If they don’t offer a wellness plan then why not let them know about Knose?

In that case, please register your interest here .

Wellness plans primarily help you maintain the proactive, preventive care your pet needs. If covers routine pet care items you should be doing and should plan for.    But there are many other benefits including convenience, budgeting and in some cases earlier disease detection.

Pet care can be overwhelming.  And it’s hard to keep track of what exactly your pet needs and when they need it.  A wellness plan removes the guesswork and makes it easier than ever to care for your pet.  Never run out or forget your flea, tick and worming treatments again.  When included on a Knose wellness plan, they are delivered to your home in the right dose when due.  It is pet care made easy.

Knose exists to make Australian pets the healthiest and happiest in the world.  A big goal? Maybe. But that’s what drives us to do what we do.  And we’re taking steps to get there. Our mission is to ensure pets get the best care, and that they’re protected if something goes wrong.  

Simply give us a call on 1300 356 642 or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll happily answer any questions you have.  Or you can see if there’s a vet near you offering Knose Wellness Plans.