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Pet Insurance can feel complicated but it doesn’t have to be.

Our pet insurance has been built from the ground up with vets’ advice to provide clear cover that’s easy to understand.

We offer one insurance plan - simple.

With Knose Pet Insurance there is a single Annual Benefit Limit of $25,000. Simply choose the desired Benefit Percentage (70%, 80% or 90%) to cover that portion of Vet Costs of valid claims. No additional excess, sub-limits or hidden costs.

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Simple Pet Insurance

Annual benefit limit $25,000
Choice of Benefit Percentage 70, 80% or 90%
Excess None
Sub-limits None
Covers accidental injury Tick
     - Waiting Period (except Specified Orthopaedic and Hereditary Conditions) None
Covers illness Tick
     - Waiting Period (except Specified Orthopaedic and Hereditary Conditions) 14 days
Specific Waiting Periods
     - Specified Orthopaedics 6 months
     - Hereditary Conditions 6 months
Cruciate ligament repair Tick
Cancer treatment Tick
Lifetime cover* Tick
* subject to continuous cover there is no age limit on renewal
Pre-existing conditions and other exclusions, terms & conditions apply. Please see the Product Disclosure Statement for more details.
$25,000 annual benefit limit
$25,000 annual benefit limit
Quick and easy Claims
Quick and easy Claims
$0 excess
$0 excess
No sub-limits
No sub-limits
Supporting pets in need
Supporting pets in need
Backed by Allied World
Backed by Allied World

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Frequently Asked Questions

Accordion Content

Knose Pet Insurance is available to Your companion cats and dogs that reside with You in Australia.  We do not cover any other type of pets.

This Policy has been designed for companion Pets and therefore it is not possible to purchase cover for all cats and dogs.

Banned breeds

Certain breeds are considered dangerous and/or are banned in Australia. It is not possible to purchase cover for a dangerous or banned breed.  If Your Pet’s breed is categorised as dangerous and/or banned in Australia after purchase or renewal of Your Policy, then Your Pet will no longer be eligible for this Policy and We will send You notice of non-renewal prior to the expiry of Your current Period of Insurance.

Work or sporting activities

Cats and dogs participating in commercial or sporting activity such as breeding or obstetrics, working, fighting, racing, personal protection, gun sports, law enforcement or guarding are not eligible for cover.

Note that it is possible to purchase cover for pets who participate in or are show dogs/cats, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, assistance dogs or customs sniffer dogs.

Once you have insurance there is no age limit, this is called Lifetime Cover.  There are minimum and maximum ages for starting insurance.

Lifetime Cover

If You renew your Policy each year and continue to pay the Premium We will continue to provide Your Pet with cover for its lifetime.

Therefore, there is no maximum age applicable to Your Pet for the renewal of Your Policy.

Minimum and maximum age of Pets on entry

When purchasing a new Policy:

  1. the minimum age for entry for a Pet is 8 weeks old; and
  2. the maximum age for entry is 8 years and 364 days old.

Waiting Periods apply to certain benefits available under the Policy. Cover is only available after the Waiting Period has elapsed.

1. Accidental Injury (except Specified Orthopaedics and Hereditary Conditions)None
2. Illness (except Specified Orthopaedics and Hereditary Conditions)14 days
3. Specific Waiting Periods 
– Specified Orthopaedics6 months
– Hereditary Conditions.6 months

Cover commences at 23:59 on the day you purchase cover.

Cover under Your Policy will continue into subsequent Renewal Periods and will cease on the effective date of cancellation or the end date of Your current Period of Insurance if You confirm You don’t wish to renew Your Policy.

As long as you continue to hold the cover and pay your premiums when they are due, we will not refuse to renew your policy simply because your pet has been unlucky and you have made a lot of claims, or your pet has developed chronic conditions.

However, please note that we may change the terms and conditions of your cover over time, and your policy renewal may reflect these changes, based on factors including, but not limited to, a pet’s age, breed, and general increase in the cost of veterinary treatment. This may lead to an increase in your premiums.

While there are numerous factors involved in determining the premium levels, a pet’s age plays an important part. Like humans, as pets age, you may incur veterinary costs more frequently and these could be expensive. Because of that, we will need to change the premium of your policy each year to make sure we can keep helping with your pet’s veterinary costs.This is a general guide only, and future premium levels can also be impacted by other factors including, but not limited to, a pet’s breed and general increase in the cost of veterinary treatment over time. Please call us on 1300 356 642 if you would like to know more about Knose Pet Insurance.

During the application process You will be provided with various options to tailor Your coverage, You can choose:

  1. What proportion of Vet Costs You would like reimbursed or paid.
  2. To exclude cover for Consultations.
Any Vet Costs related to Treatment of Your Pet’s Pre-existing Conditions are excluded from cover.  We will consider some pre-existing Conditions treatable and no longer pre-existing after a period of being symptom-free.  We will inform You of the required symptom-free period. When we conduct the assessment of Your first claim under the Policy we will also arrange for a full assessment of your Pet’s medical history. You will be required to aid in the process of obtaining your Pet’s previous medical history including by providing details of any vets your Pet has seen in the past. This assessment will establish whether Your Pet has any Pre-Existing Conditions and we will share the assessment outcomes with You. The definition of a Pre-existing Condition is:
  1. an Illness or the recurrence of any Illness which first occurred or displayed any signs and/or symptoms consistent with the Illness;
  2. an Injury or recurrence of an Injury that occurred;
  3. any complication resulting from an Illness or Injury that occurred;
  4. any Related Condition of an Illness or Injury that occurred;
  5. any Bilateral Condition of an Illness or Injury that occurred;
before Your first Period of Insurance started or during any applicable Waiting Period. Bilateral Condition means any condition, which may affect duplicate body parts on both sides of the body (e.g. ears, eyes, knees, cruciate ligaments, hips). These conditions are considered as one condition where the second body part is affected. Related Condition means any Illness or Injury that has the same Clinical Signs and symptoms as another Illness or Injury. For example, if your Pet previously had a skin allergy on its back and then suffered a skin allergy on its belly, then We would consider the skin allergy on the belly to be a Related Condition.

Knose does not cover any veterinary costs related to treatment of your pet’s pre-existing conditions, but we will consider some pre-existing conditions as treatable and no longer classed as pre-existing conditions, after a period of being symptom-free, when a Pre-Existing Condition Assessment is done.

Pre-Existing Condition Assessment of your pet’s medical history will establish whether your pet has any pre-existing conditions. We will share the assessment outcomes with you, which will include confirmation of any pre-existing conditions that we consider treatable and the period of time that your pet needs to be symptom free for us to consider removing the exclusion.

We encourage you to request a Pre-Existing Condition Assessment during your 21-day cooling off period to ensure that you can make an informed decision about the cover we are offering you for your pet. Don’t worry if this time has elapsed, we also conduct Pre-Existing Condition Assessments at the time of your
first claim under the policy.

Knose Pet Insurance does not provide cover for the cost of preventative and routine items including health exams and tests, vaccinations, parasite protection,grooming, food and supplements. We wanted Knose Pet Insurance to cover the unexpected events, and, therefore have created Knose Essentials Pet Care Plans that focus on the wellbeing and preventative health care of your pet.

For pet owners interested in preventative health care items, Knose Essentials PetCare Plans can help you simplify your pet’s health care. These plans provide home-delivery of selected flea, tick, worm and/or heartworm treatments, an allowance for annual health checks and vaccinations, as well as a pet health hotline for advice and other member benefits, such as discounts on pet products.

Click here to find out more about Knose Essentials Pet Care Plans.

Knose Essentials Pet Care Plans are provided by Knose Care Pty Ltd, and Knose Pet Insurance is provided by Knose Financial Services Pty Ltd*

To submit a claim

  1. Log into the Knose customer portal, complete claim submission questions and attach a copy or photo of Your invoice.
  2. Your Vet will be emailed a request to provide clinic notes that relate to the invoice.
  3. We will let You know if We need a full Treatment history for Your Pet from the attending Vet and any previous Vets. If so, Your Vet can easily submit these online or by email.

Alternatively you or your vet can initiate your claim simply be emailing your invoice and the clinical notes to claims@knose.com.au  

What You must not do

If You are making a claim You must not give Us false or misleading information. If You or any other person makes a false or fraudulent claim under Your Policy, We may refuse to pay such claim and may also cancel Your Policy or treat the contract as though it never existed.

What We may do

We may contact Your current or previous Vet to:

  • discuss any details about Your claim
  • ask for any information and/or records about Your Pet.

We may decline a claim if You or Your Vet refuse or are unable to give Us any information We need to process Your claim.

What can affect Your claim

  • You don’t give Us all the information We need to process Your claim.
  • You or Your Vet don’t cooperate with Us and refuse or are unable to give Us any information We need to process Your claim.
  • You don’t provide a copy of the original itemised invoices and receipts for the Treatment received by Your Pet.
  • You don’t comply with any terms, conditions or provisions of Your Policy.

For more details or contact Knose for claim related enquiries Monday to Friday (except public holidays) 8am to 8pm (AEST) via:

Email:   claims@knose.com.au

Phone:  1300 356 642

Most claims are assessed within five (5) working days from receiving all necessary information.

We can ask to review and examine your past and current Pet’s records and any other information from any Vet who has treated your Pet. It shall be Your responsibility to obtain all such records and information as required at Your expense.

If the Vet Costs You are charged are higher than the fees usually charged by a general or referral practice, We reserve the right to request a second opinion from a Vet that We choose. If the Vet We choose does not agree with the Vet Costs charged We may decide to pay only the Vet Costs usually charged by a general or referral practice in a similar area for the Treatment.

Calculate the Benefit?

We pay the agreed Benefit Percentage of approved Vet Costs up to the Annual Limit. The Annual Limit of Your Policy is the maximum We will pay for each Pet in each Period of Insurance.

For example, if Your approved Vet Costs come to $1,000, You can claim 80% on these costs. This equals $800 and You will still have $24,200 of Your Annual Limit available for any future claims related to Treatment in the same Period of Insurance.

Each time Your Policy is renewed, the Annual Limit for Vet Costs will be reinstated and You will have the full amount to claim from in each subsequent Renewal Period

In most cases We will settle Your claim directly with You. We won’t pay the Vet or other service provider unless You instruct Us otherwise and the provider is an authorised member of Our preferred network or at Our election.

We will send You correspondence which sets out how We settled Your claim. 

When We settle Your claim, We may deduct any amount You owe Us.

We’ve focused on making Knose Pet Insurance simple, so there is one overall Annual Limit. There are no sub-limits, just a choice of Benefit Percentage (70%/80%/90%) that applies.

This Policy provides cover for Treatment provided by registered veterinarian, veterinary specialist, animal hospital, animal clinic or animal surgery licensed in Australia (‘Vet’).

There is cover available under Section 5: Vet Costs – Overseas for Treatment in New Zealand or Norfolk Island whilst on a trip of not more than sixty (60) days.

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