Pet Cover by Pet Lovers.

Knose is a pet care company built by pet lovers. So, why not get more for your pets with Knose Pet Insurance?

Why choose Knose Pet Insurance?

A full $25,000 annual limit

Knose pet insurance comes with a full $25,000 annual limit. More than enough for nearly any eventuality.

No additional excess. No hidden fees.

Simply choose the desired Benefit Percentage — 70%, 80%, or 90% — and Knose will cover that portion of Vet Costs of valid claims. No additional excess or hidden costs, waiting periods apply. It’s insurance as it should be.

No restrictive sub-limits

No more “partially covered”. Exclusions apply but if it’s covered, it’s covered, up to your selected Benefit Percentage and an annual limit of $25,000.

Our Cover

We’ve made Knose insurance clear, easy and straight-forward – as it should be. No gotchas. No surprises.

  • Choose whether you want us to cover 70%, 80% or 90% of the Vet Costs for Treatment.
  • Make a claim online in a matter of minutes with no additional excess after an applicable waiting period.

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