Our purpose is to make Australian pets the healthiest and happiest in the world

A big goal? Maybe. But it’s what drives us to do what we do. And we’re taking steps to get there. Our mission is to ensure pets get the best care, and that they’re protected if something goes wrong.

The Challenge

94% of cats and dogs in Australia are uninsured, which can put a big financial strain on pet-owners when the unexpected happens. And in some cases, it means pets aren’t receiving the treatment they need.

Pet care can be complex, overwhelming and hard to follow for pet owners. The harder it is to do, the less it gets done.

The Solution

Make caring for your pet easy, accessible and affordable with vet-designed wellness plans and comprehensive protection for when things go wrong.

We Believe

  • Pet care should be simple, easy and convenient.
  • Prevention is better than cure, but understand accidents and illness do happen.
  • Everyone should have access to, and be able to afford great pet care.
  • In the power and importance of local independent veterinary clinics.
  • Every customer, vet, pet owner and supplier should be treated with care and respect.

Meet the team