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Provide your new pet owners with up to 2 months of complimentary cover

Two black labrador puppies sitting on the grass - Knose Breeder Partner

Breeder Partner Benefits:

  • Offer your new puppy owners a special perk with up to 2 months of complimentary Knose Pet Insurance cover for your new furry companions.
  • Refer your customers to a product you trust, while providing their puppies and kittens with reliable protection.
  • Earn commissions in the process.
  • Enjoy a 15% discount on policies for your own puppies and kittens.

Join our Breeder Partner program today and experience the Knose difference – a partnership founded on trust, compassion, and a shared passion for the well-being of all pets.

Our Dedicated Breeder Partner Team

Your Trusted Companion in Caring

Domestic shorthair kitten sitting beside the plants - Knose breeder partner

At Knose Pet Insurance, we understand the immense dedication and love that goes into breeding healthy and happy animals. That’s why we’ve established our exclusive Breeder Partner Team, a specialised group of passionate experts devoted to supporting our cherished breeders throughout their journey.

Our Breeder Partner Team goes above and beyond to ensure that our breeders receive the personalised care and attention they deserve. From the moment you join our family of breeders, you’ll experience a seamless and tailored partnership designed to meet your unique needs.

Here’s how we look after our Breeder Partners

Around-the-clock support

We are available 9-5 AEST Mon-Fri to provide prompt assistance, answer your questions, and offer guidance whenever you need it.

Health and Wellness Resources

We provide access to a wealth of valuable resources, including educational materials to support your breeding endeavors.

Networking and Community

As part of the Knose family, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded breeders, share experiences, and learn from each other.

Continuous Improvement

Our team actively seeks input to ensure we are always evolving to better meet the needs of our valued partners.

How we educate our breeder partners

Our past events and more. Register to see what's next for Breeder Partners.

Breeder Partner Education Seminar

Dog Training for Families

February 13, 2024 | 8PM

About the Speaker

Xavier graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Queensland and began his veterinary career working in mixed practice in Northern Australia focusing on Equine and Bovine Reproduction. Xavier has a clinical interest in canine, equine and bovine reproduction, medicine and surgery.

Breeder Partner Education Seminar

Dog Training for Families

February 13, 2024 | 8PM

About the Speaker

Mel is a Certified Family Dog Mediator, an IAABC Accredited Dog Trainer, a Family Paws® Parent
Educator and a Fear Free Certified Professional. She is passionate about making dogs and their families happier and safer. She uses force-free, positive, science-based training and loves helping to educate families and other professionals on this too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Knose Breeder Partner Program?

The Knose Breeder Partner Program is a program that allows our Breeder Partners to send their pups or kittens home with some pet insurance cover so that they are protected in those early days.

What benefits do my new kitten/puppy owners receive?

Once a new pet owner accepts the transfer from the Knose Breeder Partner, they will receive a discount off their insurance policy as well as the assurance that they have chosen a provider that provides extensive cover with NO sublimits.

Yes, our Breeder Partners can receive commissions.

Becoming a Knose Breeder Partner costs nothing. In fact, we reward our breeders with a commission as well as provide peace of mind that there is some coverage in place for their pups and kittens.

Yes, you can prepay for some of your puppies and kittens insurance. Contact us and have a chat with our Breeder Partner Team to find out how this works.

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