Knose COO & Co-founder - Nathan Harris

About Nathan Harris

With a strong background in Economics and Finance, Nathan co-founded Knose Pet Insurance in 2017. He aims to transform the pet industry by centering it around veterinarians. His approach merges his financial knowledge with a lifelong passion for animal care.

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

“I believe vets are an important part of any community. We want to be here for vets, to innovate for vets and make the vet front and centre of the pet industry’s growth.” – Nathan Harris

From Finance to furry friends

After wrapping up his studies at RMIT University, Nathan Harris secured his Bachelor of Business, focusing heavily on Economics and Finance. But Nathan is not one to rest on his laurels; he pushed on to deepen his expertise with advanced studies in Economics and an MBA. Today, he’s channelling all of his academic prowess into reshaping the pet industry. More than just business, Nathan is deeply invested in advocating for vets and pet enthusiasts everywhere.

Connecting pastures and professionals

Nathan’s story began on a dairy farm, where his earliest memories were shaped by the animals he cared for. It was here that a lifelong passion for animals took root. As he ventured into the realms of Financial Services and Insurance, Nathan realised that the heart of any industry, especially one centred around pets, lies in personal connections. It was this realisation that led him, along with two other visionaries, to co-found Knose Pet Insurance.

Why Knose? 

Nathan often reflects on a simple observation: while Aussies were pouring more love (and dollars) into their pets, local vets weren’t experiencing the same growth. This disparity didn’t sit right with him. He envisioned a platform where vets, free from administrative hassles, could design wellness plans rooted in their unique expertise. Thus, Knose was born, a seamless bridge between tradition and innovation, ensuring every pet gets the tailored care they deserve. 

More than just a business 

Knose isn’t just a business for Nathan; it’s a mission. With pet ownership stats soaring in Australia, he saw an urgent need to recenter pet care around vets. Nathan believes that in the hustle and bustle of modern life, pet owners should find solace in a ‘set and forget’ plan that ensures their furry friends are always looked after. Through Knose, he’s making this vision a reality. 

Shaping the future 

If there’s one thing Nathan is certain of, it’s that the landscape of pet care is evolving. He says that this change should benefit everyone, especially the local vets who form the backbone of the industry. 

From detailed pet insurance insights to heart-touching animal anecdotes, Nathan Harris brings it all to the table. Tap into his articles and discover the new normal of pet care.

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