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We all love our pets, the joy they bring into our every waking moments. Then there are the extra special pets that do so much more. The therapy pets.

This story is about Daniel the very best of animal lovers. Daniel and his therapy dog Shelby an adorable sheltie poodle cross.

Daniel has mental health diagnosis, Shelby as his therapy dog, made the days and nights a much brighter place. Together Daniel and Shelby live with Daniels’s Mum. It is a happy, warm welcoming home. 

One bright day, Daniel and Shelby went out for their walk, enjoying the open skies, breeze on their faces and games along the way. Happiness surrounding them both.

 It was on this walk that Daniel heard sounds unlike anything he had heard before. Horrible sounds, Daniel knew there was an animal in trouble. Awful trouble. Without hesitation, Daniel ran to the sounds only to discover something inconceivable. A fox. A fox attacking a cat. Without thinking about anything except to save the cat from the fox’s jaws, someone else’s beloved pet, Daniel raced toward the scene. 

Daniel was not the only one to hear these sounds, Shelby heard too and Shelby knew she did not want Daniel near those sounds. So when Daniel ran to save the cat, sweet Shelby ran to save Daniel. 

Amazingly, Daniel was able to scare the fox sufficiently that the cat was able to get free from the fox and run away. We hope the cat made it home and the humans it belonged to were able to get it the medical care it would have needed. Daniel was an absolute hero to that cat that day. 

Shelby though had other thoughts, she was not too concerned about a fox nor a cat, her Daniel was putting himself in danger and she was not going to have that. So, little Shelby, again without a thought for herself, only wanting to ensure her Daniel was ok, raced toward him. She didn’t hesitate in her pursuit. She ran into a road, her only thought Daniel. 

It was a moment in time. The cat was free, Daniel was happy about that and the fox had run off. Daniel turned toward another sound. The sound of screeching brakes, to his horror, his Shelby was struck by a car. Happiness over the cat had turned to heartbreak over his beautiful Shelby. 

Daniel raced to his Shelby, his lifelong friend, the one who could get him through anything, The one who was always there. Daniel scooped her up ever so gently and carefully walked her home. 

Thankfully this was a Friday evening and Daniel’s Mum was home to help. Together they placed Shelby in the car and took her to the Vet Clinic. 

Daniel’s Mum is a single Mum and as we all know vets are expensive. It didn’t matter to them, they just wanted Shelby to be ok. Shelby was diagnosed with a dislocated hip and hurt her foot which they were able to bandage for her. To fix the hip Shelby needed surgery.

Wiping out all their savings on the first trip to the vet and Unable to come up with any more money Daniel and his Mum didn’t know where to turn. They knew what they needed to do, but what was the solution?

Daniel’s Mum was told about a charitable organisation that is run by Jennifer Hunt. Pet Medical Crisis. Pet Medical Crisis ensure Australian Pensioners who are struggling financially have the opportunity to give their loved pet the best chance of survival when veterinary care is needed.

Reaching out to Pet Medical Crisis, and telling their story was the first step. After understanding the circumstances and the story behind it. Pet Medical Crisis agreed to help. Though they too needed assistance. Veterinary care is expensive, charitable donations are difficult to come by so Pet Medical Crisis reached out to one of their own Partners in these circumstances, another Aussie Company. A company where all employees are pet owners and lovers. Knose Pet Care.

Jennifer Hunt founder of Pet Medical Crisis immediately got in touch with Tiaan Dreyer, Co-Founder with Nathan Harris of Knose Pet Care. On hearing Daniel and Shelby’s story, there was an immediate yes to the majority of financial support needed to enable the Veterinary care that Shelby required. 

So it was determined. Pet Medical Crisis and Partner Knose Pet Care raised the money needed. Shelby was to have her surgery. Daniel and his Mum were more than relieved, grateful, and just overwhelmed. Because of Pet Medical Crisis and Knose Pet Care, they did not have to make that untenable choice. 

Shelby’s surgery was booked and done. She came through ok. Though not out of the woods, Daniel, his Mum, and Shelby went home. Taking great care of Shelby as she recovered and not leaving her side Shelby was surrounded by love.

It was during Shelby’s home recovery that the unforeseen occurred. Shelby deteriorated, rushing her to her vet after hours, it was determined that Shelby should stay at the clinic. The vet not wanting to leave her overnight took Shelby to their home. It was here that it was discovered Shelby had developed renal problems and was having seizures. Daniel and his Mum were called. 

It was time to do what none of us ever want to do. They needed to say goodbye to their beloved Shelby. 

Sometimes, even when everyone does all that they can do, Daniel, his Mum, Pet Medical Crisis, Knose Pet Care, and vet staff the outcome is not what anyone wants nor could predict. Shelby crossed the rainbow bridge. Everyone was heartbroken. 

When Co-Founder of Knose Pet Care Tiaan Dreyer along with Nathan Harris heard of the outcome, they determined that this could not be the end of the story. There needed to be more they could do in this instance. 

But what?

Tiaan, Nathan, and the team have their own dogs along with a multitude of other pets and know the impact it would have on their families if something like this were to occur. Although the surgery was expensive, it was decided that they were going to try to purchase a new friend for Daniel. A friend with the temperament to assist Daniel. 

They needed a breeder that would not just sell them a puppy, they needed the right puppy. 

Knose Pet Care has breeder partners. People who breed cats and or dogs who utilise the products offered by Knose Pet Care. A fabulous mutual association that has been in effect for years. One of Knose Pet Care Breeder Partners is Kaylene Steffens who owns Sands Australian Labradoodles in Queensland.

The Knose Pet Care Team reached out to Kaylene at Sands Australian Labradoodles and told her of Daniel’s story. As was everyone involved, Kaylene did not hesitate. Kaylene reached out to Daniel and his Mum so she could understand and determine what was going to be required of this new pup. This pup needed to be all Daniel needed as well as being his friend. After conversations with Daniel and his mum and knowing what Daniel would love to have, size, colour, boy, girl? The exciting fun part, but also an understanding what was required from a therapy point of view as well, Kaylene knew she had the answer. Aside from breeding the most wonderful dogs, Kaylene is known for her uncanny knack of placing the right pups with the right homes. Kaylene had the right pup.

Kaylene determined that after speaking with all involved, she too wanted to be a part of the new beginning for Daniel. Nothing would take away the loss of Shelby, but this new pup was going to be part of the healing and the ongoing assistance to Daniel. So, at a greatly reduced price thanks to Sands Australian Labradoodles, Knose Pet Care purchased a new soon-to-be beloved therapy dog for Daniel.

That is not the end here, you see Sands Australian Labradoodles are based in Queensland, and Daniel and his Mum, well, they are in Victoria. Logistics came in too. Kaylene and her amazing team at Sands Australian Labradoodles took care of that.

Knose Pet Care, Pet Medical Crisis, and Sands Labradoodles all worked together, donating money and time to enable this story to have a happy ending.

We know Shelby is playing with all the children in heaven and hope that Daniel’s forever memories with her will in time help heal his breaking heart. We know that Millie will bring lots of love and support to Daniel and this is well on the way to being a happy ending. 

Meet Millie. 

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