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About Roy Dunn

Head of Breeder Department

“Knose has fantastic relations with breeders to help them move towards ethical breeding practices that result in healthier pets.” – Roy Dunn

Roy’s story isn’t your typical corporate journey. His path is dotted with diverse experiences, from online education to celebrating milestones, but the heart of his narrative beats for the love of pets—especially the Australian Labradoodle.

Molding Minds to Minding Muzzles

Roy’s professional tapestry began in the bustling corridors of the Grenadi School of Design. As the National Developer of Online Studies, he didn’t just develop courses—he nurtured dreams and built futures. His tenure as Sales Manager at Tractor School of Design, where he melded creative strategies with robust sales targets, revealed a knack for harmonizing creativity with business acumen.

Yet, it was in 2016 when Roy found his true calling. At Bungaree Labradoodles, he wasn’t just a breeder. He was a guardian of legacies, ensuring every puppy had the healthiest start in life. His days were filled with DNA tests, early puppy training sessions, and laying the groundwork for a robust breeding program.

And now, at Knose, Roy’s role isn’t just about business strategies. It’s about heart, passion, and creating bridges between breeders and the world of insurance.

Life Beyond Work 

Dedication isn’t just a word for Roy. He wears it as a badge of honor as a member of the Australian Labradoodle Association through Bungaree Labradoodles. For him, enhancing the breed isn’t just about ensuring health—it’s about creating the perfect family pet, one wagging tail at a time.

Ruby’s Tales 

Every evening, Roy returns home to a wagging tail and a heart full of love. Ruby, the 8-year-old Labradoodle, isn’t just a pet; she’s family. This well-traveled canine, who’s seen the vast terrains of Australia alongside Roy and his wife Deb, now enjoys the simpler joys—like shadowing Deb around the house and settling down for some cozy cuddles.

For insights on breeding, pet care stories, or a chat about the incredible journey of Labradoodles, Roy Dunn is your guy. Dive into a world where pets, love, training, and breeder expertise come together, all under the guidance of Roy.

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