Tiaan Dreyer, Co-founder & CEO - Knose

About Tiaan Dreyer

As the Co-founder and CEO of Knose, Tiaan brings his strong background in Finance to the pet insurance industry. His genuine love for pets motivates him to provide the best for pet owners and local vets in Australia.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“Our philosophy from the beginning was really to create a wellness plan and a pet insurance plan that go hand-in-hand with no gaps or overlaps.” – Tiaan Dreyer

With a foundation rooted in both extensive academic achievement, including a distinguished MBA from the University of Sydney, and a rich work history in finance, it’s Tiaan’s entrepreneurial zeal that sets him apart from other industry leaders. At the helm of Knose, he is driven not just by business acumen, but by a genuine commitment to the welfare of pets everywhere. Today, he harnesses the full extent of this rich educational tapestry to drive innovation in the pet care industry through Knose.

From first ventures to financial visions

Tiaan’s entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 17. His business acumen, honed over years, has been pivotal in fostering growth and reimagining financial services for countless clients. Throughout his diverse career, Tiaan has embraced roles such as a lecturer, risk advisor, and specialist in corporate finance. He has also held pivotal positions as a chief financial officer and head of strategy. Today, he continues to make waves as the co-founder and CEO of Knose.

Why Knose?

Tiaan isn’t just about numbers; he harbours a profound love for pets. With years of experience under his belt, Tiaan saw an unmet need in the market. Many small to medium-sized enterprises struggled to access quality financial services that catered specifically to their unique requirements. Enter Knose — Tiaan and Nathan’s brainchild. Designed with a focus on bespoke financial solutions, Knose emerged as a beacon for vets and pet owners in need. Fueled by a vision to intertwine his professional expertise with personal passion, he aspires to craft products that alleviate worries and amplify the joy of pet ownership.

Pet care, priced right

With a deep-seated passion for reimagining financial services, Tiaan’s focus extends beyond mere numbers. He seeks to understand the broader implications of financial decisions in the welfare of pets. To Tiaan, financial statements aren’t just figures; they’re stories of pets cared for and owners assisted. By integrating his deep understanding of finance with a passion for pet welfare, he ensures that Knose stands as a beacon of affordability and premium quality in the pet care industry.

Shaping tomorrow

Guided by his forward-thinking approach, Tiaan remains steadfast in his pursuit of leveraging the latest in financial tools and strategies. He envisions a world where businesses, irrespective of their size, benefit from top-tier financial guidance, with Knose standing as a testament to this vision.

Merging financial smarts with a love for pets, Tiaan Dreyer offers a fresh take on pet care. Dive into his articles for insights, stories, and the warm feeling of genuine pet love.

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