So You’re Still Not Offering Wellness Plans In Your Veterinary Practice…

Dr Amelia Bunker, Resident Veterinarian - Knose Pet Insurance

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Dr. Amelia Bunker

Dr. Amelia Bunker (BVSc), our resident veterinarian at Knose, blends her passion for animal care with her expertise in veterinary science. Her journey from mixed practice clinics to insurance expert motivates her dedication to animal welfare, both in her professional role and as a pet owner.

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There has been years and years of discussion over the fact of using wellness plans in the veterinary business, and now it is happening, and it’s happening FAST. Prominent veterinary organisations are using them on a daily basis, attracting clients away from local practices.

They are getting YOUR revenue growth also using offerings such as vaccination clinics that are pulling your loyal practice clients away.

Wellness plans can be hard to take off, but there are a lot of reasons why they are getting ground.

The Bayer Healthcare Study from 2011 and current reports have shown that practices do see revenue growth! The UK more than 65% of clinics use Wellness plans as an essential product to offer clients.

The clients are coming more often to purchase services and products, and they are spending more on what is not covered by their wellness plans. They are paying up to $1.80 more on every $1.00 spent by non plan holders!

That is a huge difference that plans can bring to your practice.


Top 7 reasons why wellness plans are a must have

for every vet practice

  1. Increase compliance as you lead the way to healthier pets.
  2. A steady and predictable income each month (400 plans at $50 per plan is $20,000 a month).
  3. Grow the valuation of practice with recurring revenue (Retiring, selling or bring on a Partner).
  4. Don’t let the large organisations take your customers, win the competition!
  5. Give your pet-owners peace of mind and great budget planning (46% would visit more if they had a plan with monthly payments, as found in the Bayer Healthcare Study)
  6. Change the way your customers come to you. They will be coming more often and not only for emergencies.
  7. Make your pet-owners visit you more often, and also spend more at the practice (reports show up to 80% increase)

Cool reasons right? We know you’ve been thinking about wellness plans now you know that the returns are definitely worth it.

Don’t waste another minute ‘thinking’, start doing. Knose Everyday Pet Care can have you offering successful plans and even help with the marketing in no time.

Knose Everyday is leading the charge in Australia with the only full service offering online or in-clinic sales, customer portals, vet portal, home delivery of products, multiple payments, payment follow up, flexible plans (even build your own), flexible prices and a whole lot more.

When it comes to Wellness Plans – Knose Everyday has the solution to make offering your plans in your clinic easy and fast.

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