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Hugo’s Story

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Hugo’s Story

Hugo’s owner, Renee, dreamed of having a St Bernard since she was 10 years old.  Just prior to covid she saved enough to get Hugo and it was love at first sight.

Unfortunately, Hugo was hit by a car on 21 December 2021 and fractured his left hock and also degloved his tail.  He was left on the side of the road and the driver didn’t even stop…

Renee and her daughter were crushed. Covid has been devastating for many people and Renee was no exception.  A single mum and an early learning educator, her work was cut back due to Covid and her rent increased at the same time. She’s been struggling to make ends meet and this unexpected veterinary cost was overwhelming.

In addition to the financial strain, Renee and her young daughter received a heartbreaking assessment of possible amputation. There were fears that had there not been sufficient bone at the distal end of the fracture, Hugo’s limb would not be salvageable. For a large dog, amputation is far from ideal and would have shortened his life considerably.

Renee’s luck changed

Fortunately, Renee came across Pet Medical Crisis (PMC) through word-of-mouth.  She reached out to PMC and with support from Knose and others, PMC was able to help this deserving family with a genuine accident.

Veterinary teams rallied together from Peninsular Vetcare Referral Hospital in Mornington, Southern Animal Health in Cheltenham, and Knight Benedikt delivering the reassurance that the complex operation performed by Dr Chris Franklin and Dr Karin David was possible and ultimately successful. 

3D CT Scans (which confirmed a fractured leg), Metal Fixation and Consultation Costs were all covered by donations from various parties including Knose, allowing Hugo the best road to recovery and for Renee and her daughter to enjoy Christmas at home with their beloved dog.

Knose’s support

Knose supports and recognises the need for charities like Pet Medical Crisis.

Pet Medical Crisis provides Aussies who are struggling financially an opportunity to provide their loved pet the best chance of survival when veterinary care is needed.

The charity raises funds to assist pensioners in necessitous circumstances / financial difficulties. They do this by assisting with the costs of medical intervention for their companion pets. The pet owner’s inability to fund the care would otherwise result in unsustainable debt, death or significantly impact their quality of life.

Knose is proud to commit $1,500 to Pet Medical Crisis in ensuring Hugo received the best pet care available.

To understand more of an invaluable Australian Charity, Pet Medical Crisis, please visit:

Renee stated she couldn’t have imagined the prompt support she received, as her minimal savings didn’t cover costs for an accident like this. 


Unfortunately, charities like PMC simply can’t help all pets in need.  Consider taking out pet insurance to protect your pet and your wallet from the costs of unexpected injuries or illnesses. Find out more about Knose Pet Insurance or get a quote now.

Hugo dog hit by car
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